MCEA Statement on Board of Education Vote to Recklessly Reopen Schools

Feb 12, 2021

Contact: Kiwana Hall, Communications Director
[email protected]

MCEA Statement on Board of Education Vote to Recklessly Reopen Schools

MCEA is deeply troubled by the irresponsible reopening plan approved Tuesday by the MCPS Board of Education. The administration’s presentation was riddled with misleading remarks leading to a host of unanswered questions. The plan fails to deliver on necessary safety measures for students and educators, and it siphons vital resources away from Black, Brown, and low-income students.

This is just the latest offense in a bungled effort to return students to school buildings. Central office administration continues to provide everchanging guidelines and parameters, forcing local school staff to constantly pivot and waste precious time and energy revising school-specific plans.

The current MCPS plan requires more space, more people, and more resources than are now available to successfully implement this planned reopening of school facilities. Moreover, MCPS is refusing to acknowledge that the lack of available vaccines is preventing educators from receiving the protection they need, and exposing them to unnecessary risk of harm in the in-school setting.

Educators are anxious and angry, and rightfully so; there is a clear disconnect between what students need and what the System will provide.

Thousands of MCEA members responded to a last-minute call for an emergency meeting last night to discuss the MCPS plan and chart a course forward.

We look forward to sharing updates in the coming days.



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