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Political Action Fund (PAC)

Who We Are

The MSEA Fund for Children and Public Education is our political action committee (PAC). This statewide fund exists to collectively build our power by pooling campaign contributions for our political work. These funds are essential to ensure victories for MCEA-supported candidates, ballot initiatives, and legislation. Member dues are not used for our non-member voter efforts, so the PAC enables our engagement and outreach. The coveted Apple Ballot recommendations are one of many initiatives that stem from this work.  


The MCEA Political Action and Legislative Support (PALS) members spearhead PAC drives and work with MCEA/MSEA staff to reach our goals while organizing and guiding the Apple Ballot recommendation process for Primary and General elections. The aim is to have a thriving PAC fund that allows MCEA to leverage political power with elected officials and provide the resources to fund necessary expenses such as printed Apple Ballots, lobbying activities, and field campaigns. 

What We’ve Done

Over the past four years, PALS members hosted and participated in 100+ PAC drives (at schools and virtually) to increase educator voice and power with our elected officials. Over 400 members signed up to become new PAC donors or increase their contributions in the last year. 

What’s Next

MCEA members may make a first time contribution or increase their monthly contribution by clicking here.

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