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Elected Faculty Representative (EFR)

The EFR position was established by the 2004 contract negotiations between MCEA and the Board of Education. It is an outgrowth of many years of work by MCEA and the Board to improve labor-management relations within local schools and provide for greater faculty involvement in school-level decision-making.   “As a full member of the school’s leadership team (the core leadership group involved in local school decision-making), the Faculty Representative works with other leadership team members collaborating with school administrators. In this role, the Faculty Representative, along with other leadership team members, serves as a communicator and liaison with the school’s faculty. The Faculty Representative helps to facilitate and solve problems through the leadership team”. 

In addition, the EFR shares responsibility for ensuring effective communication between the administration and the faculty and for increasing faculty involvement in, and ownership of, local school improvement.  EFRs are elected in June to represent their colleagues the following school year. They receive a yearly salary supplement of $1,500 and three summer days at their per diem rate so they may attend leadership team meetings during the summer.

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