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Who to Contact

Here's how you can get in touch with the Montgomery County Education Association team.

UniServ Director / Organizational Specialist / Member Rep. Specialist

Elaine Kuhar

Maya Satz

Gail Gottlieb

Ryan Mosgrove

Jacquie Ray

Jason Roe

William Suggs

Rashemah Stridiron

Richard Burton

Office Staff

Sonya Addison-Dove

Administrative Professional

Jackie Thompson

Administrative Professional/Membership Coordinator/MSEA & NEA Delegate Coordinator/ C&E Committee Support

Mary Neal

Executive Assistant/Administrative Support to Governance

Yasmina Mrabet

Member Organizing Manager

Dalbin Osorio

Managing Director of Public Affairs

Angie Ardis

Political & Community Action Director

Kiwana Hall

Communications Director

Diana White-Pettis

Managing Director, Accounting, Operations, Human Resources

Lindsay Barrett

Managing Director of Field Operations

Roxanne Rife

Executive Assistant to the Field Department

Heather Carroll-Fisher

Executive Director

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The MCEA building is closed due to COVID-19. If you need immediate assistance, please email us.