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Meet Our Staff

Here's how you can get in touch with the Montgomery County Education Association team.

Office of The Executive Director

Heather Carroll-Fisher

Executive Director

Mary Neal

Executive Assistant, Administrative Support to Governance

Alicenne Passavanti

Manager, Special Projects

Amy Biancheri

Organizational Specialist, Member Professional Learning

Maya Satz

Organizational Specialist, Labor Education and Leadership Training

Field Operations

Lindsay Barrett

Managing Director, Field Operations

Sonya Addison Dove

Executive Assistant, Field Operations

Yasmina Mrabet

Manager, Member Representation

Elaine Kuhar

Manager, Member Organizing

Gail Gottlieb

MSEA Uniserv Director, Representation

Rejil Solis

Uniserv Director

Jason Rosvold

Uniserv Director

Sebastian Mendoza

Uniserv Director

Dawn Moretz

Lead Uniserv Director

Sam Zinler

Uniserv Director

Public Affairs

Michael Schoettle

Managing Director, Public Affairs

Kate Hardwicke

Organizational Specialist for Communications

David Shanks

Organizational Specialist for Political Action

Michelle Hughes

Executive Assistant


Diana White-Pettis

Managing Director, Accounting, Operations, Human Resources

Barbara Jackson

Accounting & Human Resources Assistant

Jackie Thompson

Executive Assistant, Accounting, Operations, Human Resources (Member Services)

Luis Nieto

Building Service Worker

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