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Jan 10, 2024
  1. Snapshot: 2024 MCEA Legislative Reception 
  2. Union Elections: Get to Know the Candidates and Make a Plan to VOTE! 
  3. Be Part of the Process! Join the Apple Ballot Candidate Interview Team 
  4. Get an Early Start on Early Voting 
  5. Build Your Teaching Community: NEATRise Mentors 


1. Snapshot: 2024 MCEA Legislative Reception

MCEA Members, County Councilmember Kristin Mink, County Council President Andrew Friedson, SEIU Local 500 President Pia Morrison, and Congressman David Trone discussing issues critical to educators at the Legislative Reception on Friday, January 5. 

Last Friday night, more than 100 hundred MCEA members and elected officials converged on the MCEA Conference Center to connect for intimate conversation about the issues that most impact our students, our communities, and our profession. During the event we heard from MCEA leadership and Apple Ballot recommended Senate candidate, Congressman David Trone about the critical importance of funding schools to truly meet the needs of students and staff.  

The MCEA Legislative Reception is an annual event, typically held on the first Friday of the calendar year. This event is a key opportunity for us to connect directly with those who make decisions that impact public education.  


2. Union Elections: Get to Know the Candidates and Make a Plan to VOTE! 

MCEA, MSEA, and NEA board elections are coming up! Do you know who you are voting for? Along with the Board of Directors candidates, members will also vote on NEA Delegates to the July 2024 Representative Assembly. Voting opens Monday, January 29, 2024, at 9:00am and closes Friday, February 16, 2024, at 5:00pm. Remember, all chapters that reach 50% voter turnout for MCEA elections will be entered in a raffle to win BREAKFAST AT YOUR WORKSITE! There will be at least one winner chosen from ES, MS, HS and NSB chapters. 

Please also save the date and join us for a virtual Townhall featuring your MCEA Presidental Candidates, Tuesday, January 23 at 6pm. Be on the lookout for a Zoom link coming soon. 

MCEA Board of Director candidate speeches and bios can be found in the 2024 Advocate here. MSEA and NEA candidate bios are available here. 

MCEA Board of Directors (ES Representative)  

  • Ashlee Hewlett, Clarksburg ES 
  • Jennifer Knight, Rolling Terrace ES 
  • Kristen Poole, Stedwick ES 
  • Java Robinson, Piney Branch ES 
  • Laura Sutter, Sherwood ES 
  • Jacqueline Sutton, Flower Valley ES 
  • Emmett Tesler, Roscoe Nix ES 

MCEA Board of Directors (MS Representative)  

  • Cassandra Belton, Farquhar MS 
  • Joshua Rubin, Loiederman MS 
  • Christine Wilkin, Shady Grove MS 

MCEA Board of Directors (HS Representative)  

  • Lindsey Allar, Seneca Valley HS 
  • Jody Gil, Blair HS 
  • Stephanie Hasty, Seneca Valley HS 

MCEA President Candidates:  

  • Brandy Reazer, Northwood HS 
  • David Stein, Blair HS 


The following races were won by acclamation: 

MCEA Vice President—Danillya Wilson, Wheaton Woods ES 

MCEA Treasurer—Kember Kane, Westover ES 

MCEA Secretary—Dustin Jeter, Blake HS 

All MCEA delegates to the MSEA October 2024 Representative Assembly 


MCEA Representative Assembly Endorses Nikki Woodward for MSEA Vice President and Paul Lemle for MSEA President 

Nikki Woodward is an infants and toddlers specialist and is currently serving her third year as MCEA Vice President. Paul Lemle is a Howard County social studies teacher and past president of the Howard County Education Association. At the December 6 Representative Assembly, they earned the representatives’ endorsement. 


3. Be Part of the Process! Join the Apple Ballot Candidate Interview Team 

Ensure we are endorsing the candidates who best represent our voices at the local and state level. Join the Apple Ballot Candidate Recommendation Interview Team to interview candidates and determine whose names will appear on the educator-approved Apple Ballot: 

  • Mandatory Training – Friday, February 2 (Union Business Leave will be provided). 
  • Candidate interviews – Saturday, February 3. 

Sign up here. 

4. Get an Early Start on Early Voting

Take action to get our Apple Ballot recommended candidates elected!   Early voting starts Thursday 5/2 and runs through Thursday 5/9. We need your help passing out Apple Ballots at the early voting polling sites each day of early voting. There are early morning, morning, mid-day, afternoon and evening shifts available at multiple locations throughout the county.    

Please sign up for your Apple Ballot shift here!    

For more information please contact Alicenne Passavanti at [email protected] 


5. Build Your Teaching Community: NEATRise Mentors 

Do you enjoy helping and supporting early career educators? If so, become a NEATRise (New Educator Action Team) Mentor! NEATRise mentors are members who are matched to support an educator in their first three years in MCPS. This is a different opportunity than the MCPS mentor program as it is voluntary and non-evaluative. Join us in helping our new colleagues master this crucial profession and learn more about their union.  

Are you in your first three years in an education profession and want support? Then you may be looking for a Mentor. If so, become a NEATRise Mentee today! You will have the opportunity to connect with an experienced educator in a confidential manner, while learning about your rights as a union member.  

Sign up today to get started as a mentor or mentee by clicking here: 

For more information, please reach out to the Help Desk at [email protected]. 

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