This Week at MCEA

Apr 08, 2024
  1. Tomorrow! Grade-in Action and Rally at the County Council Budget Hearing  
  2. Apple Ballot Social Media Toolkit 
  3. Elect Our Next Bosses! 
  4. Join Us! Building Action Team (BAT) Training April 16  
  5. Apply NOW to be a Union Summer Member Organizer – Application Deadline April 19 
  6. MCEA Labor Management Virtual Spring Training April 25 
  7. Register Now! 2024 MSEA-Retired Conference April 25 – Registration Deadline April 15 
  8.  Save the Date: In-Person Representative Assembly (RA) May 1 
  9. Celebrate Chris Lloyd on National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7  
  10. MCEA Members: Making Our Voices Heard at Our Worksites! 
  11. Yes, You Can! Free Virtual CPD Course from MSEA


1. Tomorrow! Grade-In Action and Rally at the County Council Budget Hearing

Bring your ungraded papers, two colleagues, and wear red for ed on Tuesday April 9, 2024, as we demand the county council pass a budget that fully funds our schools. 

A fully funded budget is CRITICAL to MCPS being able to fulfill their obligation to honor our negotiated agreement. Without a fully funded MCPS budget, we risk losing our negotiated pay increases and changes to our benefits.  

More details and RSVP at 

In the meantime, be sure to send your letter to the county council by clicking here to demand that the county council fully fund our schools! 

2. Apple Ballot Social Media Toolkit

Spread the word about our Apple Ballot-endorsed Board of Education candidates. Click here for the Apple Ballot Social Media Toolkit. You’ll find handles for tagging the candidates, suggested captions, hashtags, and links to downloadable graphics you can share on your social media platform of choice.  


3. Elect Our Next Bosses! 

Take action to get our Apple Ballot-recommended candidates elected with an Apple Ballot shift! Early voting starts Thursday, May 2, 2024, and runs through Thursday, May 9, 2024. There are early morning, morning, mid-day, afternoon, and evening shifts available at multiple locations throughout the county. Sign up for your Apple Ballot shift here! 

 For more information, please contact Alicenne Passavanti at [email protected] 


4. Join Us! Building Action Team (BAT) Training April 16 

Are you interested in learning more or expanding your leadership skills as a MCEA Building Representative? Are you not yet a building rep but interested in taking on the role at some point in the future? If so, please join us for our second Building Action Team (BAT) training of the year. Union Business Leave will be provided. RSVP for this training here 

For more information contact Maya Satz at [email protected] 

5. Apply NOW to be a Union Summer Organizer – Application Deadline April 19 

MCEA’s Union Summer program is an exciting opportunity for MCEA members to improve their organizing skills by doing outreach to new educators, non-members, and members about critical issues we face in our schools. 

MCEA’s Union Summer Program will be held from July 8 – August 16, 2024 

Interested in becoming a union summer organizer? Apply here! The deadline to apply is April 19.


6. MCEA Labor Management Virtual Spring Training April 25 

 On Thursday, April 25, 2024, 5-7pm (Virtual), MCEA will offer a labor management training open to member representatives currently serving on collaboration committees, workgroups, CTL, and labor management committees. The purpose of this training, previously offered in the Fall during the MCEA Membership Conference, is to review the MCEA labor management structure, including the role and function of the various bodies and best practices for influencing positive change and centering educator voice through committee work. If you are a current member representative serving on a collaboration committee, workgroup, CTL, or labor management committee, please sign up here: MCEA Labor Management Training – Spring 2024. If you are not currently a member representative and are interested in being considered for appointment to a committee or workgroup in the future, please complete the committee interest form here: MCEA Committee Interest Form. 


7. Register Now! 2024 MSEA-Retired Conference April 25 – Registration Deadline April 15  

 Join other MCEA retirees at the 2024 MSEA-Retired Conference on Thursday, April 25, 2024. 

Learn more and register here 


8. Save the Date: In-Person Representative Assembly (RA) May 1 

Mark your calendars and lookout for an RSVP for May’s action-driven RA. 


9. Celebrate Chris Lloyd on National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7 

There will be a celebration to remember our past MCEA President and beloved colleague, Chris Lloyd, who passed away earlier this year. 

  • Host: Pamela Lloyd 
  • Date: May 7, 2024 
  • Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
  • Place: MCEA Conference Center, 12 Taft Court, Rockville 
  • RSVP to follow


10. MCEA Members: Making our voices heard at our worksites! 

New Hampshire Estates wears Red for Ed! 

We celebrate Red for Ed every Wednesday! Remember to wear red this Wednesday, April 10 to build union solidarity and awareness at your school or worksite. We love to share our actions with each other, so please email [email protected] with pictures or videos of you and your colleagues taking action! 

Since December 6, 2023, over 35 schools and worksites have taken action to address climate concerns. Through our organizing efforts, we are making bold demands to MCPS administration, imploring them to work with us to improve working conditions and students’ learning conditions at the foundational levels of the system, our worksites. We will continue amplifying our collective voice and make bold demands. To get involved and join other worksites in our climate campaign, reach out to your MCEA Building Representatives, your assigned MCEA Uniserv Director, and/or learn more about how to take action at


11. Yes, You Can! Free Virtual CPD Course from MSEA 

MSEA is pleased to offer Yes, You Can! Part 1- Classroom Management free of charge to members virtually via the Professional Learning Portal. This workshop focuses on setting up your students and classes for success. Examine how expressing our own “why” is important to establishing a solid community of learners, how to craft a practical, restorative approach to behavior and expectations and provide real-world, next-day strategies for managing the issues that present themselves in today’s classrooms. Completion of all required activities for the workshop entitles certificated participants to apply for one MSDE Continuing Professional Development Credit applicable to re-certification. All sessions will be held virtually via MSEA’s Professional Learning Portal.  

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