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Legislative District Leads/Lobbying

Legislative District Leads


Who We Are

The Legislative District Leads are member leaders who work to establish relationships between Montgomery County elected officials (county and state level) and the members of MCEA. The LDLs represent each of the districts (county, state, and national) throughout Montgomery County. These members support lobby on behalf of the association. LDLs communicate with the larger committee. The LDLs perform as the decision-making body (along with other PACE leadership positions) for the development of the legislative priorities and various strategic plans for PACE. This work was organic and continuously evolves to meet the dynamic changes of our committee and association.


The work includes:

Establishing relationships with elected officials through 1:1 meetings, attending district events, communicating regularly with elected’ s offices, and direct lobbying on education issues;

Being a representative for MCEA at community events, fundraisers, hearings, lobby opportunities, and press conferences;

Cultivating relationships by meeting with community leaders, organizations, and individuals seeking to run for office to share and promote MCEA’s priorities;

Taking part in PACE events (meetings, phone banks, hustle parties, canvass events, lobby night, legislative reception, PAC drives, apple ballot interviews and distribution, taking part in the recruitment of members and volunteers);

Engaging in external communication to include, but not limited to, writing editorials, testifying, or taking part in press conferences on education-related issues;

Providing background on relevant politics, players, and artifacts in their district for the Apple Ballot process;

Working with MCEA Political/Community Coordinator and PACE leadership on growing the program to effectively build relationships with the community and elected officials;

Coordinating with fellow Legislative District Leads to manage the needs of an individual district; and

Assisting with maintaining documentation of elected activism with MCEA (electronic and paper).



There are limited LDL positions available, interested please complete the form


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