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MCEA Building Representatives

MCEA Building Representatives

MCEA Union Reps are the heart and soul of the association. They are our grassroots leaders, selected by colleagues, to represent them in the creation of an effective organization that advances the interests of educators and public education. MCEA Reps are leaders, organizers, and problem-solvers.  Each school/worksite is entitled to at least one MCEA Rep, and additional Reps on the basis of 1 for every 15 MCEA members (or major fraction thereof).
The primary responsibility as a Rep is to provide union leadership for MCEA members at the school or worksite by:

  • helping them solve problems arising from their work as educators in their school/worksite
  • advocating for and representing their collective interests and needs as education employees
  • mobilizing collective action when necessary, and
  • getting other members involved in the work of the union

The most effective Reps develop a core of colleagues to share in the many tasks involved. The ability to recruit volunteers can be the most valuable skill for a Rep to develop.  There are many tasks involved in developing an effective building level organization. No one person can do it all. That’s why developing a core of volunteers is essential. A well functioning team of Union Reps shares the responsibility for:

  • Ensuring that their school/worksite is represented at every Rep Assembly
  • Promoting communication about issues
  • Helping members solve individual and school-wide problems
  • Organizing MCEA membership meetings in your building as needed
  • Promoting involvement in decision-making at your school
  • Distributing MCEA materials
  • Conducting MCEA elections
  • Involving members in Association activities
  • Recruiting new members to the Association
  • Promoting involvement in political action

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