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Political Action Committee (PAC)

PAC Sub Committee

Who We Are       

The work of the PAC subcommittee works to grow the MCEA PAC fund. The PAC fund provides MCEA members the opportunity to collectively build our power by pooling campaign contributions. We donate these funds to campaigns for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation. MCEA elects not to use dues money for our political work and so our PAC is the means for which we facilitate this program specifically our coveted the Apple Ballot recommendation. We educate the membership on the use of PAC dollars and its importance. The PAC subcommittee members are charged with being a point on PAC drives and working with MCEA and MSEA staff to find an opportunity to reach our goals and well as organizing and guiding the Apple Ballot recommendation process for primary and general elections.


The aim of this work is to have a thriving PAC fund that allows MCEA to increase its power with elected officials by having the resources to fund necessary expenses such as Apple Ballots, lobbying activities and field campaigns.

What We’ve Done

Over the past four years, members visited or hosted over 100 PAC drives (at schools and virtually) to increase educator voice and power with our elected officials.  Over 400 members signed up to become new or increased PAC donors.

What’s Next

This fall we will host PAC Drives throughout MCEA organization (i.e., governance and committees) and specific buildings. Be on the lookout!  Want to increase or join the MCEA PAC do so now!

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