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Apr 29, 2024
  1. Urgent Call for Action: Tell the County Council that our Schools Need More!
  2. Elect Our Next Bosses!
  3. RSVP: In-Person Representative Assembly (RA) May 1
  4. Celebrate Chris Lloyd on National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7 
  5. MSEA Professional Development Opportunity: Empowering Education Through Policy and Practice (Registration Deadline: May 6)
  6. Save the Date: President Martin Retirement Celebration, June 14
  7. When in Doubt…Check the Contract!
  8. Practicing Self-Compassion – Graduate Credit Offering from MSEA and Trinity Washington College
  9. MSEA Casting Calls
  10. Upcoming Events from MSEA 


  1. Urgent Call for Action: Tell the County Council that our Schools Need More! 

County Executive Elrich disappointed us by proposing a budget that does not meet the Board of Education’s already insufficient request. It is now in the hands of the County Council to make up where the Board of Education and County Executive have fallen short. We must speak up to our elected officials and tell them to save our school system by fully investing in our staff and students. 

Click here to demand that the county council fully fund our schools! 


2. Elect Our Next Bosses!

Take action to get our Apple Ballot recommended candidates elected with an Apple Ballot or voter canvas shift!  

Sign up HERE to pass out Apple Ballots at the polls on election day – May 14!  

In addition to passing out Apple Ballots at the polls, canvassing is a great way to let voters know who educators support.

Sign up here for canvassing opportunities! 

Help spread the word about our Apple Ballot endorsed Board of Education candidates.  

Click here for the Apple Ballot Social Media Toolkit. 


Download your printable Apple Ballot here.


 3. In-Person Representative Assembly (RA), May 1 

 Join fellow leaders in person for May’s action-driven RA.
4:15pm – Doors open with refreshments available
4:45pm – Meeting start 

RSVP here 


4. Celebrate Chris Lloyd on National Teacher Appreciation Day, May 7 

There will be a celebration to remember our past MCEA President and beloved colleague, Chris Lloyd, who passed away earlier this year. 

  • Host: Pamela Lloyd 
  • Date: May 7, 2024 
  • Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm 
  • Place: MCEA Conference Center, 12 Taft Court, Rockville 
  • RSVP here 


5. MSEA Professional Development Opportunity: Empowering Education Through Policy and Practice (Registration Deadline: May 6) 

Save the date and join MSEA on Saturday, May 11 for a “Policy Meets Practice” journey. The day will include snapshot training sessions as outlined below. 

The workshop will offer tailored strategies designed to empower educators like you. Explore the new seclusion & restraint regulation through the lens of De-Escalation Training. Come away with next-day strategies to deal with trauma-related behavior. 

The second session includes a general overview of COMAR 13A.07.06 and 13A.12, which focuses on certification regulations and new Maryland teacher pathways and programs. Dive into certification regulations, expanded teacher pathways, and more in this specialized session tailored just for you.

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2024
Time: 10am – 2pm (lunch is included)
Location: MSEA Headquarters, 140 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401
Registration: First-come, first-served. Click here to register. Deadline: May 6

Contact: Géraldine Duval or your CEPP team specialists 


6. Save the Date: President Martin Retirement Celebration, June 14 

Celebrate President Jennifer Martin’s retirement by joining us at MCEA on June 14 at 4pm. RSVP is forthcoming. 


7. When in Doubt…Check the Contract! 

With the end of the year approaching, members may wonder how unused personal leave is handled at the end of the year. The MCEA-MCPS Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) has the answer! According to Article 31 Q. 2. c., Up to three (3) personal leave days may be carried over from year to year, i.e., personal leave may accrue to a maximum of six (6) days. The remainder of unused personal leave shall be transferred to accumulated sick leave at the end of the school year. It is a best practice to read and become familiar with our union contract, which holds a wealth of information about the rights of educators. 


 8. Practicing Self-Compassion-Graduate Credit Offering from MSEA and Trinity Washington College 

Does your “inner critic” leave you feeling down sometimes? Practicing self-compassion is an important wellness exercise that helps us stand up to our inner critic and develop emotional resilience, a more accurate self-concept, and more caring relationships. It also can foster less narcissism and lower levels of reactive anger. All of this can help us become more effective and more grounded in our personal and professional lives. Learning to practice self-compassion in our own lives also can give us insight into how to encourage it in our students. 

This course is offered by MSEA’s Center for Education Policy and Practice in conjunction with Trinity Washington College for one graduate credit that can be applied to recertification in most jurisdictions. The course is primarily self-paced and virtual asynchronous with two virtual synchronous sessions (1.5 hours each). Participants will access the course through MSEA’s new Professional Learning Portal and will pay the Trinity Washington College per credit rate (generally lower than most school system’s tuition reimbursement rate). Granting of credit is contingent on participants completing all requirements with at least a grade of “B.” 

This offer is available to MSEA members only and on a first-come, first-served basis. 


9. MSEA Casting Calls 

MSEA is looking for student performing groups to potentially showcase their talent at future Fall RAs, including choirs, bands, dancing troupes, and other public school-based performance groups. If any such groups in your schools come to mind, please share information about them with Noreth Marquez Rico, [email protected]. 


10. Upcoming Events from MSEA 

Harmony in Action, Empowering Education through Policy and Practice (May 11): registration link here and event page link here. 

Educator Appreciation Day at MSEA Headquarters in Annapolis (June 8): learn more about this exciting event and all participating businesses making this day special here.  

2024 Summer Leadership Conference (July 23)—One Union, One Voice: We’re All in This Together—learn more about this event here, and register here. 

 MSEA Day at Camden Yards (July 28): see event description here. 

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