Jody Gil

High School Director

Jody Gil has been teaching ELD in MCPS for 22 years, with 21 of them at Montgomery Blair High School. She has paid attention to politics for most of her life, and in recent years, Jody has seen the political nature of our jobs take shape as the attention to and respect of teachers has come under fire like she’s never seen. Jody felt it was time to step up in her union work. She has honed her leadership skills as an EFR at Blair for 7 years and became more involved in MCEA at the county level during the pandemic. She hopes to continue to be a strong leader for our high school members as we move into challenging times at all levels of the intersection of education with politics and economics.  

When Jody is not paying attention to the issues of the day or speaking truth to power, she is either underwater, swimming with sharks as a scuba diver or making up a delicious meal with the ingredients she has on hand. Jody looks forward to this next challenge and to meeting high school members across the county! 

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