Justin Fauntroy 

At Large Director

Hello, World! Meet Justin Fauntroy, MCEA At-Large Director. This upcoming school year will be his 12th as a computer science teacher at Argyle Middle School, the only school at which he’s taught.  

To Justin, union work is the key to ensuring the profession’s future. He wants to ensure that when the next generation of educators gets ready to enter the profession, they’ll see MCPS as a place where they can thrive. They’ll feel supported, appreciated, and well-equipped to ensure their success and the success of the students they serve. Unfortunately, in his time doing this work, Justin has seen that outside stakeholders won’t give us anything close to what we need unless – and until – we go and demand it. And so, he continues to do the work so that when we wield our union power, we’re able to get what our educators need so that we can provide the schools our students deserve.  

Just as he is passionate about this work, Justin is also quite passionate about video game music, both listening to it and composing it. Check his playlists, and you’ll very likely find more game music than any other genre! 

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