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Mobilization SubCommittee

Who We Are

The work of the mobilization subcommittee will move the political and community work of the association through targeted actions and lobbying efforts. Members will be tasked with working on the turnout for priority events such as lobby nights, public hearings, phone banking, social media blasts, and other actions. Mobilization also supports a key piece of the Apple Ballot recommendation process by promoting participating in the Apple Ballot process (i.e., interviews and poll volunteers) to ensure the membership is aware of their opportunity to have a voice and in turn, take the decisions made from recommendations and move these decisions through our membership and the greater Montgomery County to ensure we have education advocates elected.

The goal of this committee is to create a network of activists within MCEA membership on varying levels.  As we move toward the 2020 general election, continue the 2020 bargaining, and foresee future impact barging needs our ability to mobilize our membership in large numbers is key to our ability to move our program.  This subcommittee will be the one most closely tied with the new communications network and help to test and grow its capacity.

What We’ve Done

We’ve turned out members at the polls, supported the Apple Ballot shifts (Early Voting and Election Day), and represented our students’ needs and teacher voices at the various Townhall.









What’s Next

  1. Support our Apple Ballot recommended Board of Education candidate Sunil Dasgupta
  2. PACE Happy Hour Monday, September 14 at 5:30 pm sign up
  3. PACE Townhall Tuesday, September 29 at 6 pm sign up
  4. The PACE Committee will kick off the Apple Ballot process in September 2020. Be on the lookout for more activities to come!
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